This was done a few years ago, it’s a charcoal drawing on bristol paper. Charcoal is pretty much used the same way as a pencil which means it is a tool for drawing, blending and shading. Drawing pencils are considered to be more reliable, sturdy and precise while charcoal tends to be a bit wild.

I like most people started drawing with pencils and I loved it. When i was first introduced to charcoal sticks in college I found them a bit intimidating at first. I could not control it as well as the pencils. However, the more I used them the more I fell in love with them. I found myself becoming more expressive in my drawings. I started drawing from my shoulders instead of my wrists.

Charcoal is very versatile, it allows you to do both photorealistic work as-well as broader expressionistic work. This is due to the fact that the sticks will force you to focus on larger shapes due to their blunt ends.

Here’s a couple key differences between graphite and charcoal:

  • Charcoal can get a lot darker which means a greater range of tones.
  • A softer charcoal is easier to smudge
  • Pressed charcoal also comes as a pencil. This is useful for photorealistic drawings.
  • Willow charcoal is also very soft and produces a soft grey. It has a great texture to draw with, but is also very smudgy.

It can be a bit strange drawing with charcoal the first time, it’s always good to have a guide. Life Drawing in Charcoal (Dover Art Instruction)is one of the most in-depth books you’ll find in regards to drawing techniques with charcoal.Check it out by clicking on the link. I will give a review in a separate post. I hope you found this helpful 🙂